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To assist low-income families with safe, decent, and affordable housing opportunities as they strive to improve the quality of their lives through economic independence or homeownership. 

The Parkersburg Housing Authority, herein referred to as the PHA, is a private, non-profit organization chartered by the State of West Virginia. As a public housing authority, its mission is outlined in federal registration, and in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines and directives. The PHA's creation was made possible in 1967, through a legislative and executive act of the City of Parkersburg.

In 1985, by way of an administrative decision by the West Virginia Housing Development Fund and the Department of Housing and Urban Development with concurrence an acceptance by the Board of Commissioners of the PHA, the jurisdiction of the PHA greatly expanded beyond the Parkersburg city limits. The service area of the PHA now includes Wood, Wirt, Wetzel, Marshall, Tyler, Doddridge, Pleasants, and Ritchie.

Today there are approximately 1,500 families being assisted with their housing needs through programs administered by the Parkersburg Housing Authority.


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